Turkey owns 40% of the world’s marble resources, with that in mind we formed “Arslanlar Marble Mining”in 1992. Our mission is to add value to mining and natural stone sector and to our country. While we were working on other mining operations we have acquired our first marble quarry in 2010 since than we are continuously searching for new marble quarries. We are producing “Silver River” and “Armoni” blocks and slabs in our İzmir quarry. Also we are producing “Emperador” marble blocks and slabs in our Adıyaman quarry. With our powerful machinery park and trained specialist staff we produce all kinds of architectural projects and construction projects with easy and hing quality. We are exporting polished, honed products to People’s Republic of China, India, Taiwan, Portugal and Italy. We are exporting blocks and slabs to Middle East countries, U.S.A. and Russia. We also sell slabs and blocks to reputable domestic companies. Our aim is to have the highest customer satisfaction within trust, communication with the customer, consistency and high quality of the product. We are giving our best to preserve nature and environment while we are getting our products.

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